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Contact: Susannah Clark

email: susannah (at)

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Girl Next Door is a Nominet-authorised private and discreet registration and domain maintenance service: In the event of any problems with your domain, please contact us at the email, phone or postal contact provided to you prior to registration/transfer/renewal (or see on this page for contact details). Should you need to escalate the problem, you can also contact Nominet - the UK domain name registry - at nominet (at) or via their customer services at 01865-332244

For all issues involving abuse, relating to a domain initially registered by Girl Next Door, and to make a complaint reporting abuse, contact: susannah (at) Your message will be read and responded to within the 24-hour response period operated by Girl Next Door, and we will support you in escalating your abuse complaint and concerns. Girl Next Door reserves the right to terminate the registration of your domain in the event of abuse complaints levelled against you. In all dealings, we seek to operate in line with the terms and conditions of Nominet, the UK domain name registry.

We register domains individually and discreetly, and at the point of registration we will ask you to agree to the terms and conditions for registration of UK domains as defined by the Nominet Registry. Girl Next Door is a not-for-profit Registrar, which seeks to operate ethically and with commitment to the environment and in pursuit of charitable causes.